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The Keg team up with Funkin to bring cocktails to you!

Posted by sfG Software

If you can’t do something right, then don’t do it at all!

That’s the thought behind our new range of delicious cocktails here at The Keg.

After listening to our weekend regulars, we spoke to our brothers and sisters over at Bar One and Scotch & Rye and gained an insight into all things cocktail…y.  However after our minds were being bended by infusions, smoke domes and barrel ageing, we decided simple was best!

So we got in touch with the great guys over at ‘Funkin’, one of the UK’s most quirky and innovative brands, and they helped us put together a list of cocktails that is both delicious and quick to prepare, and importantly, won’t break the bank!

Pop in and check out our creations!



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